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Bermunchies Review: Strawberry Sensations

Categories // Bermunchies

By @eliizzyv Bermunchies Review: Strawberry Sensations

We got a chance to experience afternoon tea at the new Crown & Anchor called Strawberry Sensations, and let us tell you is was exactly that- SENSATIONAL! If you are a lover of the sweet fruit or just love sweets in general this is the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your girlfriends, family or even by yourself. Why not? You deserve it!

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For the price of $38 you have unlimited access to a wide array of pastries, desserts and so many other yummy things all featuring strawberries! It was hard for us to pick a favorite but let us tell you the strawberry milkshake they had on ice was just- AMAZING! It definitely needs to be bottled and sold. It was silky smooth and went down lovely with the spread.

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The afternoon tea included coffee and you choice of freshly steeped teas but we decided to grab something bubbly cause why not? A lovely dessert wine like a moscato perfectly paired the strawberries. We would also recommend prosecco or a white wine of your choosing.

The menu includes the standard chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries that we the size of golf balls! They were all so juicy! We sized up the selection and took a moment to reflect on what we facing- there was so much to taste and nibble on we didn’t know what to try first!

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Our favorites were definitely the blue cheese éclairs and the Strawberry parfait. Yes we know your eyebrows went up when you read blue cheese eclairs and so did ours when we read it on the menu but listen when we say it was the perfect complement to the fruit! The filling was creamy with a bit of tang which offset the sweetness of the stopping. PERFECTION! The parfait was divine and was made up of fresh strawberries, strawberry jelly and whipped cream all topped with chopped pistachios. Don’t tell anyone but we went back for another of each!

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Other offerings on the menu included a mini strawberry cheese cake, a strawberry and tomato tartar with balsamic vinegar (a LOVELY savoury component to offset all the sweetness), freshly made marshmallows that we so insanely fluffy, macaroons filled with a sweet strawberry jam and strawberry lollypops or cake pops that left us wondering how DID they make that? They were filled with chocolate, a strawberry jam and cake and were surrounded by marshmallow- may need to get a recipe for it!

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We ended our afternoon with some of their freshly made strawberry ice-cream which was more of an ice-cream sorbet combo- perfect swirls of strawberry compote intertwined in vanilla cream. By the end of it all we were left wondering how we managed to stuff our faces with so much but we did and we were proud of it! Make sure you head on down to the Hamilton Princess before the month is done as this special event won’t be available in October! Don’t miss out on it- and let them know Bermunchies sent you!!

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