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Kidz Korner: Veggie Spring Rolls

Categories // Bermunchies

By @thefreshpricessbda Kidz Korner: Veggie Spring Rolls

Today BERMUCHIES turns one! It has been an awesome journey sharing some of our own recipes with you while we explored Bermuda’s evolving foodie scene. To celebrate we are launching our newest feature called Kidz Korner which will bring you tasty recipes your kids will love! Our first entry is written by @thefreshprincessbda our newest foodie contributer! 

The creator of The Fresh Princess is named Suzanne Kipps; a 26 year old mom who became obsessed with food and its effects on the body when she was pregnant. She is an exploratory vegetarian and lover of books. She has a passion for creating fun healthy meals for her family and friends. For their debut article, The Fresh Princess created some delicious veggie spring rolls that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters! 



Hi Bermunchies foodies! For our first entry, we wanted to choose something super simple to make with ingredients that are easy to purchase and that doesn't take long to prepare or to make. We are always looking for ways to get my kids to eat vegetables, but rather than sneak the veggies into meals, we try our best to make them taste yummy so they will want to eat more! These spring rolls are filled with vegetables that taste great with soy sauce or “dippy” sauce as my daughter Riley likes to call it! And a bonus...they can eat these with their hands!

 For these Veggie Spring Rolls you will need: (your veggie mix is entirely up to you but here's what we chose):





Carrots (shredded, or grated)




Nasoya All Natural Egg Roll Wraps (Available at Supermart!)

Coconut Oil

"Dippy" aka Soy Sauce or Bragg's Liquid Aminos 


We prefer to use all organic ingredients (pesticides yuck!) and prefer the Nasoya wraps (no GMOs!), but there are ways around this. If you are purchasing conventionally grown products just wash them, and wash them again. Usually if we are eating the skin or not removing it, we try our best to go organic but we know that is not always feasible. So when in doubt wash, wash again! Organic cole slaw mix also an option; just add broccoli or any other vegetable, however; we haven't yet found this in the grocery, so if you see it let us know!




1. First sautee the kale, spinach, cabbage and shredded carrots using about a teaspoon of coconut oil + a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Remove that from the burner and add the broccoli with a bit more coconut oil. I prefer my broccoli with a little crunch to it, so I don't cook them very long. 

*Notice we’re staying away from any precise measurements, as you can't really go wrong with vegetable quantities. You can distribute the Spring Roll Fillings and make them as full (or not) as you wish!


2.The filling part is easy. Put as much as you'd like in the center of the eggroll, fold over and tuck until they close tightly. (Riley loved helping out with this part, two table spoons and two pieces of broccoli was just enough filling for her!) The wraps are pretty easy to mold, but if you have any issues keeping them closed a dab of coconut oil will do the trick!


3. Once you have your rolls, arrange them on a cookie sheet, brush/drizzle them lightly with coconut oil and bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown! Seriously 15 minutes max!


IMG 3888


Little note on the dip: Bragg's Liquid Aminos serves as a gluten-free alternative to soy sauce. It is not a low sodium alternative (which it is often mistaken for). As the two are only used as a dip (a few table spoons), either works fine, so take your pick! If you're wondering, Riley didn't even notice the difference!

Serve with some raw veggies on the side, because you can never have too much veggies, and the meal is doneWe barely got one pic of them as Riley was eager to eat them up quickly! Next time we will get a few more pics! 


 Hope you enjoy!

-The Fresh Princess