A screen grab of Bermuda Actress Lana Young in A jazzman's Blues trailer

Bermudian Actor Lana Young in Netflix “A Jazzman’s Blues” Trailer

Tyler Perry has a new movie coming, and you will see a familiar Bermudian face.

A Jazzman’s Blues is an upcoming drama set in the 1940s deep South, where star actors play lovers in a time where their love is forbidden.

“Tyler Perry cast me exactly one year after my last job before Covid hit and production came to a standstill. He saved my spirit. In fact, I was visiting my mother in Bermuda when I had a callback with him on zoom in her living room. She hid in the closet so she wouldn’t make any noise!”  Lana laughs, recalling her moment.

Tyler Pretty wrote the screenplay in 1995 and mentioned it’s his first written screenplay. 

“This beautiful film came from his [Tyler Perry’s] heart, and you will feel that. It was such a joy to work with this legend and take on such a complex role as Ethel. It was an emotionally difficult role to play and my most challenging yet. I’m grateful to have worked with so many beautiful storytellers, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.” – Lana Young

The movie will premiere on Netflix on September 23, 2022.

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