From Bermuda to New York Times Documentary, Kaelyn Kastle is Streaming in the New FX and Hulu Episode

Kaelyn Kastle is one of the very few Bermudians with a blue tick by their name. And by the very few, I mean, along with the ranks of Shiona Turini, Flora Duffy, Nahki Wells, and the account of Bermuda’s Premier – forgive me if I have forgotten any. Although they each carry their respectable reputation in their work, Kaelyn is the only one you can genuinely call a "Social Media Star" on an international level where she holds the monolithic amount of over 2 Million followers… And it’s still growing.

Her latest win? She is in a New York Times series on FX and Hulu.

The NYT Presents, started in 2019, is a series of standalone documentaries that share more “closer-to-home stories of our time’ which explores a spectrum of topics in the captivating style of NYT journalism. 

Kaelyn Kastle makes her appearance in Episode 7 titled, “Who gets to be an influencer?” that aired on Friday, June 4th on FX and Hulu. The episode focuses more on behind-the-screen or social network platforms and brings deeper context into what it means to be a social media star. In Kaelyn’s case, she reveals the adversity of being a Black woman on Social Media and what comes with it. 

“Honestly, the message from the doc was so clear and beautifully placed by (the director) Lora Moft. Our journey is interesting because we all utilize our platforms to move into other sectors of the industry, and we’ve been fighting so many battles, but the journey is worth it.” – Kaelyn Kastle


Social Media isn’t all that it appears to be. We perform in different ways for different results. We are strategic as much as we are funny, sad, or happy; the same context of wearing various masks for what the environment requires in real life. As much as we won’t admit it, we all do, and each element allows others to share a piece of us in a newer light and newer awareness. As for me, and as one who works most of their day in digital media, I enjoyed the perspectives and getting to know Kaelyn a bit more than what is posted online.

Don’t take her at first glance. She may sing, but she also has a voice that offers much more. Hopefully, Bermuda will take the time to see and engage in a new and more innovative way. 

The New York Times series is exclusively presented on FX and streamed on Hulu HERE.

Unfortunately for Bermudians and others in this region, you’ll need a VPN to view the show. We will keep you posted if anything “pops up” in the meantime, show Kaelyn some recognition and support to grow even further.

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