Young Bermudian Girl reading the book of Mary Prince

The influence of Mary Prince: Bermudian Poet Yesha Townsend Shares her impact with BBC Teach.

It isn’t every day where a piece of who you are becomes a part of a more meaningful message and lesson—especially one in a foreign land miles away from your birth. Or “across de pond,” as we would like to say. 

Recently dropped this week on the BBC website, a short film produced by Bermudian Women became the centerpiece of a British KS2 lesson. The collaborative effort directed by Karli Jai, with Alyson Thompson, the short film shares the story about Mary Prince and her ongoing impact. The video features Bermudian Poet Yesha Townsend speaking with nine years old, Harlow Lambe, who is also from Bermuda, and how a written almost 200 years ago can still influence lives today.

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